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Woodstock Cricket Tournament Roundup!

By Edinburgh Uni Cricket

All in all, it was a very successful day with high quality cricket, old friends seen and a good time had by all.

Saturday of 27th Jan saw the Woodstock indoor tournament take place at everyone’s favourite Scottish Wicket simulation, Mary Erskine School. Six men’s sides and two women’s teams took to the rubber looking to perform well in front of the large crowd of spectators who had turned up.

First up was EUCC vs the Man United of cricket, RHC. With RHC captain Arnie fancying himself as a bowler, EUCCs Monty and Gareth took him to the cleaners hitting 14 off the first over. Yet Freddie, Dutes and JKG quickly restored RHCs control with EUCC falling to 29/3. Out stepped the “best batsman in the 3s” our very own Joe Root, Harry Wilson. Who instantly departed for 0 as Caleb gave him out LBW second ball. Instead it was Mark Frazer who with the power of the Lord helping him smash maximums back towards the cheering crowd reached 30. With Hugh making sure not to get out at the other end EUCC finished with 67.
RHCs reply got off to a stuttering start as D-Money produced some stunning glove work to remove Arnie and Hugh ran out Flett. However, Big Bobby T after playing himself in (shameful) fancied a rest and retired. Yet, despite a brief cameo from JKG, Thirlwell was back in after Freddie and Dutes showed us why they are bowlers not batsman, with another two runouts and Gareth picking up the last wickets. RHC were left with last man stands. Without worry though Bobby saw RHC home with the day’s high score of 49 not out.

Next up the President’s VI vs Alumni 2s. Edinburgh welcomed back the old boys of Thomo, Bogie, DB, ODM, Kev and… Stevo? While Thomo quickly departed Bogie (yes Bogie) and DB went on to hit quick 29 and 24, with Bogie retiring with a glorious 6 back over Rivers King’s head. Small but important contributions from ODM and Kev saw the Alumni 2s reach 84.
In response the President’s VI sent out Gravey and Batey. Two solid twos players. Sadly for Gravey, Batey was more solid as D-Grav could only manage 8 while Batey remained stoically at the crease as he saw Rivers fall to a stunning catch from Stevo and Paddy edge off from the high quality off-spin of Thomo. With the President himself coming in it set up a tense finale. With Akhil quickly settling in Stevo was set to bowl the final over having gone for just 1 in his first. Yet it appears lightning does not strike twice as Batey and Akhil rotated strike nicely to clinch the victory for the Presidents VI.

The President’s VI did not have long to savour their victory as up next was Carlton. With a team full of teenagers, Sibley still batted last. Batey followed Arnies example in trying his arm and met with similar results as the Carlton openers set a quick pace. Yet two runouts and some tight bowling from D-Grav and Birky restricted Carlton to 71.
Changing up the order slightly Gravey and Paddy were sent out to start off the chase. Two impressive scores were made in this partnership. Paddy made 30. Gravey made 0. Instead it was left to Birky to see the game through with Batey making his contribution a 4 off Sibley to win the game with an over and a half to spare.

The Alumni 1s were the next group of old boys to visit their old haunt. Their opponents were RHC and in a spectacular repeat of his first innings Arnie once again found himself stumped for 0 off Coxy. In stepped the RHC hero of Thirlwell. Could he repeat his heroics and lead RHC to victory? No. As Coxy dismissed him first ball after good glove work from Lawrie. JKG setting a worrying example for those hoping to learn from him as was dismissed for 1 while a duck for Freddie gave the Alumni control. Throughout all this Flett was going strong and powered to 39 before being caught by King Bobby. With RHC reaching 73 extras claimed second highest score with 25.

Leading the response stepped out soon to be married King Bobby and that other famous Alumni Matt Boreman. Although Bobby was clearly thinking about his wife to be as he was dismissed for 4 Boreman, Foulds and then Rex easily chased down the total and showed their potential as a strong side.

The day proceeded with Carlton against the Alumni 2s. Sibley faced up against DB and Bogie and was dispatched for 11. Shiv then showed Sibley what a real 1s bowler can do and sent Bogie and Kev packing with consecutive delivers and went for just 3. Instead it was left to DB and ODM to lead the Alumni revival with both reaching 26. With the help of 18 wides (line and length boys come on) the Alumni 2s reached 76.

With Stevo keeping it tight the Alumni 2s defence of their total suffered a blow when Kev saw his over go for 18 while Tommo failed to reproduce his form of the first match with his first ball going back over his head for a six no ball. Although ODM continued to bowl well Carlton had obtained too good a start and saw out the win.

The final group game was the Alumni 1s against EUCC. With Rex having departed Cal Clarkson was drafted in. Although as not an Alumni or a current student it was a selection mystery worthy of Liam Dawson’s England call up. King Bobby and Mr Cox and were going well until once again Mark Frazer was the saviour and removed Bobby then Foulds with the last two balls of his over. Lawrie and Coxy made light work of Rooty’s bowling and everyone else was treated the same. Sloppiness cost 45 extras and helped see the Alumni reach 100.
With a mammoth task ahead of them the EUCC needed a strong start. While Monty may be able to come through multiple liver failures this was one task that seemed to be beyond our fresher rep. Gareth fell as well and although Foulds bowled more wides than cricketers who attend his circuits sessions, the total was far beyond the EUCCs reaches and they finished on 79.

With the group games now concluded it was time for the women to show the men what proper cricket was. At this point it is time to give thanks to Caleb, who although crippled, had spent the day being consistently inconsistent with his umpiring and took some well-earned rest. And pints.

The EUCC Women of Ruth, Chekkas, Kitty, Hannah, CP and Amelia faced off against a strong Alumni(ish) VI with McGill leading the line of Ikra, Izzy, Hodges, Philippa Oliver and Elinor. But out with the old and in with the new as the current members tried to show what they were made of. Ruth and Chekkas opened and both began with running as they scampered byes and quick 3s. Yet clearly they both need to attend more circuits as they were both soon run out. With the EUCC Women wobbling at 19/2 in came Kitty and Hannah. If there’s one way to describe Kitty’s batting style its aggressive. Showing no respect to her senior George Hodges, Kitty sent 6s raining back towards the now somewhat rowdy spectators. Nearly as soon as she was in Kitty had already retired on 26. Hannah kept the score ticking over hitting back to back 4s to finish with a score of 17 while CP made ODM proud with an unbeaten 15. With extras added in the EUCC Women set the Alumni 91 to win.

McGill and Ikra decided to face the gauntlet with Kitty being given the task of opening. Tidy shots from the two openers countered some disciplined bowling with 9 off the first over. Hannah decided to bowl next but McGill was her match and 22 came off the over. Although helped by some dropped catches, Ikra was the star of the show, as she powered her way to 27 with three Woodstock Maximums! With the chase on the Alumni side needed to keep up the rate. But the EUCC Women came back and began to stifle the run rate with McGill run out and Ikra retired the runs dried up. Izzy hit a nice 8 but despite extras mounting up, the total was beyond the Alumni and the Women’s Woodstock champions were the EUCC Women by 10 runs.

With that it was time for the final match of the day and the tournament with the Alumni 1s facing off against the President’s VI. The President’s VI came out to bat first with Gravey and Batey opening. After facing two dots Gravey came to the sudden realisation that Izzy was currently outscoring him. With this worry in his mind he decided to send Cal for 6 back over his head on his way to an unbeaten 27. Yet although D-Grav was scoring quickly, the same could not be said for the rest of the President’s VI. Foulds and Boreman built the pressure with dots with saw Batey and Rivers fall LBW for 8 and 15 while Paddy could only manage 9 before being run out. A flurry by Akhil brought the total to a defendable 83 but would it be enough against a side that 100 in the last match?

The simple answer was no. Paddy was given the first over but was put away for 19 by Boreman and Coxy. Clearly both had places to be and Boreman quickly retired while Coxy made a rapid 13. Foulds then put in one of the best batting performances of the day scoring a glorious 25 while Birky, Batey and the rest of the President’s VI bowlers toiled. Even the cheap removal of King Bobby for 9 was not enough as the Alumni 1s sealed the victory and the tournament with wickets and time to spare.

All in all, it was a very successful day with high quality cricket, old friends seen and a good time had by all.

Article written by Alfie Hall

Updated 13:36 - 18 Sep 2018 by Edinburgh Uni Cricket

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