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Kippax Tournament Preview

Kippax Tournament Preview

By Edinburgh Uni Cricket
4 November 2016
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Read all about and get ready for the ensuing hype for tomorrow's Kippax Indoor Tournament!

Daylight shortens, night closes in and England cricket fans start despairing at the national team’s inability to play spin on the subcontinent – it must be the beginning of November meaning our inaugural Kippax indoor tournament is almost upon us!

With players’ releases from various international contracts negotiated and the MES oval mown to perfection we can bring you our very own tournament preview to whet your appetite before tomorrow’s main course. We’ll be looking ahead to the titanic clashes that’ll be taking place as well as answering the huge questions you have about the tournament like “where is Ethan Lapsley really from?” and “what is Tom Speller an anagram for”. Enjoy the preview and we hope to see you down at MES tomorrow.

The Format

The Tournament will consist of two groups of three teams. Each team will play the others in the group once and then the top team from each group after those matches will meet in a final. The matches will be 7 overs per innings with standard BUCS indoor cricket regulations. Maximum 2 overs per bowler and batsmen must retire at 2(5) but can come back in if the team loses the rest of their wickets. If the last pair are batting and one of them is out, the not out batsman can continue as a last man/woman standing.

The Teams

The tournament groups and Fixtures are as follows:

Group A
EUCC Alumni “It Takes” 2
Carlton CC

Group B
EUCC Wildcats
EUCC Alumni "Tell Me I'm The Only " 1
RHC "Rampant" Lions

We are also lucky enough to have an exhibition match between a current EUCC ladies VI and EUCC alumni ladies VI. This will take place directly after the final group game.

The Fixtures

1200|Game 1 |RHC vs Alumni 1
1245|Game 2 |EUCC vs Alumni 2
1330|Game 3 |RHC vs EUCC 2
1415|Game 4 |RHC vs Alumni 1
1500|Game 5 |EUCC vs Alumni 2
1545|Game 6 |RHC vs EUCC 2
1630|Women's Playoff |EUCC Women vs Alumni Women
1715|Final |Winner Group A vs Winner Group B

So who’s gonna go win the thing?

It’s the question we’ve all been asking, who will be raising the coveted Kippax celebratory cricket ball covered in glory come 1800 tomorrow afternoon.

If experience and wisdom is what you place your bets on then look no further that the two alumni teams turning out tomorrow who boast almost 50 years of EUCC experience between them. They’ll be hoping that old age hasn’t taken too much of a toll as they face up against some enthusiastic and fresh faced group opponents.

Tactical nous and a deep knowledge of the game are key for indoor cricket and for that look no further than the EUCC Wildcats. Led by EUCC ladies captain Matilda Coke, aided by brilliant young Physicist Luke Stevens and coached by the widely accepted Guardiola of indoor cricket, Terrence T. Turtle, the Wildcats will be looking to implement their intricate plans to progress to the final.

A feline, 2 hobbits and North Korea’s mighty leader walk into a sports hall…. Sounds like a bad joke, but it’s actually the RHC lions walking out to field. This rag tag bunch from Davidson’s Mains will venture down to MES quietly confident with two vice presidents and a president in their ranks as well as Louis Cox… what could possibly go wrong?

There will be a selection of Kippax Cricket products on show for all those in attendance. With a discounted rate on offer for anyone who buys or orders anything from the Kippax catalogue on the day itself!

After the main event finishes, the players, all spectators and anyone who's keen are invited to the post tournament meal at Nawroz Restaurant beside Potterrow (surprise surprise) which will take place at 7.30pm. All are welcome and the restaurant is BYOB, so prepare yourselves well as we all head on to the Big Cheese upon completion of the meal.

Players to watch.

There will be a such a plethora of talent on show this Saturday down at MES that you may not know which way to turn. Here’s our guide to a few superstars to keep a particular eye on during the day.

Name: Adam “the Panther” Catt
Team: RHC (rampant) Lions
Team Role: Right hand top order batsman, Token Aussie.
RHC’s latest big money signing for the 2016 season returns for a final coup de grace on the world stage. Adam has enjoyed a successful season at the top of the Corstorphine batting order and hopes to transfer this form indoors.
Did you know? He hails from Adelaide, South Australia and was born Adam Dogg but changed his second name after a nasty backyard cricket altercation with an Alsatian fielding at silly mid-on.
Can he win it for his team? If he manages to buy his batting kit back, then he’s in with a shot.
Will he be in Potterow come 0230? You betcha!

Name: Tom “The Librarian” Speller
Team: EUCC alumni (tell me I’m the only) 1
Team Role: Right handed opening batsman, sidearm fiend.
Reportedly the first name down on the Alumni’s roster, Speller returns to the capital after completing his Masters in August. This idiosyncratic opener and peep show fanatic will be hoping his trademark brand of Mark Corrigan style cricket excels indoors.
Did you know? Tom Speller is actually an anagram of “clip to midwicket”.
Can he win it for his team? A stable platform is famously useful in 7 over indoor cricket, he’s in with a chance.
Will he be in potterow come 0230? The Beastie Boys fought and possibly died for our right to party, so…..

Name: Ethan “Lapdog” Lapsley
Team: EUCC
Team Role: Right Handed All Rounder, Ripping Legspinner
Rated by EUCC stalwart Tom Speller himself as ‘the best legspinner in the club’, Ethan will be looking to make a name for himself on the indoor scene as he fights for an indoor spot this season. He’s come a long way from helping the 4s to their first ever victory in Dundee last year, and will be eager to continue his hot streak.
Did you know? Ethan is from Northern Ireland.
Can he win it for his team? Some say his appearance can make or break the result, EUCC’s own Kyle Lafferty.
Will he be in Potterow come 0230? Does Irish domestic cricket have first class status?

Name: Chayank Gosain
Team: Carlton
Team Role: Left-arm Mediums, token bunny.
Known as Napier’s premier Pinch Hitter, Chayank makes a trip deep into opposition territory to represent Carlton this Saturday. Cheeky enjoyed a great season for Carlton CC this summer, and has previously represented the Eastern Knights – but is still unproven at the big-time level of EUCC Indoor Tournaments. He’ll be looking to remove this blot on his career this Saturday.
Did you know? Chayank’s nickname, ‘Cheeky’, stems from his penchant for mooning keepers whilst batting in an attempt to steal byes.
Can he win it for his team? EUCC’s spot fixers say no, he begs to differ.
Will he be in Potterow come 02:30? Famously silent on his plans, Cheeky will have to dragged away from his favoured ‘Hive’ haunt – teammate Callum Sibley is no doubt already planning how.

Name: Katie Kippax
Team: EUCC Women's
Team Role: Right arm all rounder, deadly medium pacer
Miss Cricket herself, Katie will be making her indoor debut on Saturday. And how appropriate at the Kippax Tournament itself. She comes from a long line of cricketers, and after her successful debut season last year will be looking to prove herself in the new format.
Did you know? Katie crafts every Kippax bat herself using a hack saw and nail file.
Can she win it for her team? It’s her tournament, of course she can.
Will she be in Potterow come 02:30? “If you aren’t in prow, are you really EUCC?” – Kippax, Katie. 2k16

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