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Double Varsity Victory

Double Varsity Victory

By Edinburgh Uni Cricket
18 September 2018
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Varsity Wins

Double Varsity Victory for Edinburgh
Edinburgh completed a comprehensive double victory over Saint Andrews at the Weekend as both the Women’s team and Men’s team secured success up in Fife. The women’s team was too strong for Saint Andrews and Edinburgh achieved a fifty-eight run victory, while the men’s game went down to wire with two sixes in the last over securing a three wicket win.

Ikra Farooq, Kitty Levenson, Rachael Thomas, Phoebe Beal, Hannah Rainey, Matilda Coke, Jenny Robinson, Claire Pettinger©, Jemma Gillian, Cateran Holland

The women got the day started. After losing the toss and being put into bat Ikra Farooq and Kitty Levenson strode out to the middle under the crisp blue sky of Fife. A steady start by Edinburgh saw slow scoring off the opening bowler Blake but attacking Sheard from the other end. As a result, by the end of the fourth over Edinburgh had reached 20 without loss. Levenson and Farooq employed the use of singles and positional shots to get Edinburgh into a strong position. Yet with the change of bowlers came a change of approach as Kitty hit back to back fours in an expensive over that yielded fourteen runs for Edinburgh. The attack continued with Ikra and Kitty rotating strike well to bring the total to fifty after eight overs.

Yet despite already being reprieved earlier on after a dropped catch, Kitty’s luck couldn’t last and in the ninth over she was caught at long off with a good catch from the Saint’s fielder running around to take the ball leaving Kitty on twenty-three and out. Edinburgh continued to score the runs though, with Rachael Thomas and Ikra continuing to bat well, showing a range of sweeps and pulls as well as dabs to keep the scoreboard ticking over. Yet the return of the Saint’s opening bowlers slowed the run rate down again and Ikra was bowled by Komedova, in the 17th over for a well-made thirty. New EUCC member Phoebe Beal partnered Rachael as they got the score past 100. Although Rachael was out in the last over it gave time for EUCC President Hannah Rainey to get a single to leave Edinburgh on 108.

To open for EUCC Hannah got off to an inauspicious start as she bowled a wide and a bye the next ball got Jauhal on strike. Hannah’s next delivery was full, swinging and removed the off stump. Kitty Levenson went from opening the batting to also opening the bowling and after an over of her spin Saint Andrews were 2-3. The dominance of Edinburgh’s bowling attack over Saint Andrews batting was the situation for the rest of the match. Hannah finished her first spell 3 overs 2 maidens 2-1. Matilda and Jemma were the first and second bowling changes and both kept it tight, with their spells ending for just 7 runs between them. Ikra filling in as ‘keeper did a stellar job standing in and was crucial in keeping the run rate so low.

With eight maidens bowled by Edinburgh in the match, Saint Andrews did not have much of an opportunity to take the game to the EUCC. After swapping keeping duties with Kitty, Ikra and Phoebe were given the opportunity to bowl and both started well, although the Saints number three, Blake, was able to take advantage of some wider deliveries to push Saint Andrews to 37-4 after 17 overs. A sense of fight back was achieved after Blake hit Matilda for 11 in her final over, but Cateran Holland, 1-2 and a run out saw Saints finish 50-6 from their 20 overs giving Edinburgh a simple victory.
Claire’s team will now prepare for the playoff match against Saint Andrews on the 6th of October.

Edinburgh Men’s Squad
George Thomas, George Croton, Jonny Haslem©, Tom Williamson, Zach Place, Robert Thirlwell, Guy Reeve, Shiv Gupta, Caleb Whitefoord, Toby Latham*, Lachlan Hillis, Rivers King (12th man)

Jonny Haslem got his captaincy off to a good start by winning the toss and made the decision to field first. Caleb opened for the EUCC and with his arm nice and crooked he fired the ball down which was left by the batsman. Yet the Saint’s bat quickly got the hang of this 20/20 lark and started to score runs. Aussie Lachlan Hillis opened from the other end and with pace at both ends, EUCC set about probing the Saints openers. Both Caleb and Lachlan found the edges of the batsman but a mixture of luck, and one comical moment of both ‘keeper and slip looking at the other as the ball went between them saw runs added instead of wickets. However, in the fourth over Saints luck ran out as a farcical run out saw a top edge fall safe, but with both openers at the seam end. Toby got into a footrace with Simpson, but despite a last-ditch dive, Toby took the bails. Two deliveries later and the ball was again in the air, and safely in the hands of Haslem. Caleb continue to get the ball to beat the outside edge, and may have got one, but a confident appeal was turned down by the umpire. Not to be denied his wicket Caleb continued his line and length and was rewarded as he trapped the Saints number four for a duck. By the time both Caleb and Lachlan had finished their first spells Saint Andrews were 30-3 after six overs.
The bowling changes came in the shape of Shiv Gupta and Rob Thirlwell and despite Shiv having a slightly lose first over Thirlwell did well to bowl the Saint’s number three in his second over. Shiv was taken out to be saved for the death overs and Tom Williamson joined Thirlwell. Twillers combination of seam and spin quickly dividends as he found the batsman’s edge and Latham took the catch. Thirlwell finished his allotment with 1-18 while Williamson also kept the run rate stifled at the other end to see Saint Andrews 71-5 after 14 overs. However, a change in emphasis from the Saints tail saw 15 runs added in the 15th. Despite the efforts of Lachlan, Shiv, and Caleb a run deluge came in the final few overs. The set batsman Fyfe scored quickly with some big sixes helping him on his way to 66 not out. Despite a wicket for Shiv in the final over, there was a sense that Edinburgh had missed a chance to restrict Saint Andrews to sub 120, instead Edinburgh were set 136 to win.

Edinburgh sent out both George Thomas and George Croton to get the chase under way and it did not take long for Croton to dispatch a six over the rope in a start that saw Edinburgh score at a steady rate. After five overs Edinburgh were 24 without loss and looking comfortable. Yet cricket is a game played on a knife edge and two overs later both openers were in the dressing room as GT was stumped and Croton skied one. With last year’s Captain Williamson and current skipper Haslem at the crease Edinburgh quickly took the game to Saint Andrews. A mixture of strike rotation and Haslem exclusively scoring his boundaries with sixes meant Edinburgh reached the half way mark 65-2. A set back next over though as Saint’s opener Portman, who was being used in one over bursts, trapped Haslem LBW for a brilliant 38 to give a sense of hope to the fielding side.
The problem with hope is that it can be dashed quite easily. Zach Place joined Williamson at the crease and together they quickly set about taking the game away from Saint Andrews and despite Zach being bowled in the 16th over, Edinburgh only required 36 to win, with a strong tail still to come in. 18 runs came in the seventeenth over and an easy finished looked assured when the required run rate hit a run a ball with two overs to go. As anyone who has played cricket will tell you though,
“It’s not over, until the full number of overs that are scheduled to be bowled that day have been bowled”
The saying proved correct as a remarkable penultimate over saw both Thirlwell fall to an exceptional caught and bowled and Twillers caught in the deep. Edinburgh needed 11 off the last over. Guy Reeve took a risky single to try and get big hitter Shiv on strike, but it only resulted him Shiv being runout. Haslem turned to Caleb and sent him in ahead of Latham. The Saint Andrews crowd, team and commentator were already celebrating their win. The Saint’s opening bowler sent the ball towards Caleb. Caleb sent it back over his head a long way for six. The Edinburgh supporters cheered. Saint’s fans went quiet. Time seemed to slow down. A discussion was had by the fielding side of where to bowl next. Silence descended as the bowler ran in, released and bat made contact with ball. Heads followed the ball’s progress in the air. It kept going and going before crossing the rope for another six. Edinburgh erupted, and Caleb was the man of the moment. Edinburgh completed the double victory with a three-wicket triumph over Saint Andrews.

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